Ion-free water for human consumption?

Richard P. Grant <MDE> rgrant at
Mon Oct 14 11:41:36 EST 1996

Chris Boyd (chrisb at rearranged the electrons to say:

: (followups pruned even more)


: Anyone who consumes lab chemicals or solutions is just plain stupid.


: While you might think it's a worthwhile saving to sweeten your tea with
: BDH sucrose off the lab shelf, consider the consequences if the last
: person to dip a spatula in had failed to remove traces of potassium
: cyanide from it.

If anyone in our lab puts a spatula anywhere near a reagent tub they get
fed through the X-Omat.  Mutter mutter mutter.

: And don't imagine that your DI water tap hasn't seen active service
: in or near some quite noxious solutions...

Hah!  RNase-free? Not ****y likely!

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