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Hello Christine,

Methyl mercury hydroxide is available from:

Johnson Matthey Co.
30 Bond Street
Ward Hill, MA 01835-8099

Phone 800-343-0660
Fax   800-322-4757

Mehtylmercury (II) hydroxide, 1M in H2O
[1184-57-2] CH3HgOH, FW 232.63
Catalog Number 13395
10ml  $59.00
50ml  $94.50

There may be considerable shipping/disposal costs as this is a very
potent neurotoxin.

Disclaimer:No commercial interest, just a satisfied customer.
Am I the only person on the Net that uses this stuff??

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Does anybody know of a source for methyl mercury hydroxide (for use as a
denaturing agent in DNA electrophoresis)?


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