Ion-free water for human consumption?

Arturo Galvani Arturo.Galvani at eu.pnu.com
Tue Oct 15 03:43:30 EST 1996

     cbigam at cts.com (Colin Bigam) wrote:
     >Hmmm. All quite true; I know that they autoclave their prepared media 
     >before using it, which is pretty standard. On the other hand, the 
     >water for it comes straight from the millipore system, and it is (as 
     >far as I have seen) taken proper care of.
     >Makes me wonder, though; Those things measure purity via conductance. 
     >What is the conductance of a bacterium?
     -not much, I would would think, taking into consideration the time a 
     bacterium would take to move from one electrode of a conductivity 
     meter to the other ;)
     Arturo Galvani

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