phosphocellulose longevity

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Tue Oct 15 08:52:44 EST 1996

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> How fragile is phosphocellulose?  I need to prepare a phosphocellulose column
> as part of a fractionation protocol and would like to calibrate it with some
> test mixtures before I put the real stuff on.  However, if I interpret
> Whatman's product literature phosphocellulose cannot be left in aqueous
> for any length of time.  Is this correct?  What do you chromatography experts
> do when using phosphocellulose?  Any feedback would be appreciated.

When I use to work with phosphocellulose, I would make it up in large
batches and store in 0.5 M Na-Phosphate and 1 M NaCl. I never re-used the
column because it would get compacted and give poor flow rates.

Glenn Jenkins

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