Best way to clean cuvettes?

Chartchai Krittanai saekuayc at
Wed Oct 16 14:33:40 EST 1996

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Matthew Parker wrote:

> Hi, folks! Does anybody have any suggestions about a good way to clean
> proteins out of quartz cuvettes? I have used concentrated nitric acid in
> the past, and also 3M HCl/50% ethanol (which doesn't seem to work as
> well, at least in my experience). Is there anything else that works well
> (say, 50% nitric)?
	In our lab, we fill the cuvette with  2% of RBS(from Pierce, 
Inc.), soak it in an ultra sonic cleaner for 15-20 min. This method 
works very well even in a very short pathlength cell (50 um).

	Hope this helps.

	C. Krittanai
	Dept of Biochem and Biophysics
	Oregon State University.
	saekuayc at

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