Protein preps from tumor tissue: need help.

Richard Van Frank vanfrank at
Mon Oct 14 07:57:31 EST 1996

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   sundares at (Sundaresan Venkatachalam) wrote:
>ear Netters:
>I am looking for an established protocol for preparing protein lysates
>from tumor tissue which would be used for runninf western blots.
>Specifically I am interested in detecting a nuclear protein in tumor
>tissue and I am unable to get a protocol (from thr regular methods books)
>that would allow me to run a SDS-PAGE + Western using tumor tissue. In
>addition is it necessary to do an immunoprecipitation  when dealing with
>tissues?  I would appreciate if someone can give me some pointers/
>references for my questions. Thanks a lot.
> Sundar sundares at
>There were several vols. of Methods in Enzymology in the late 1970s or early 
80s that covered this kind of cell fractionation.

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