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Thu Oct 17 19:57:28 EST 1996

Haven't you heard that some of the big companies e.g. Aboslut Vodka (not
related to science) are encouraging web authors (chosen by them) to house
their sites on their site?? This acts as a 'magnet' drawing people to their
site....that they hope people will explore....

a bit like the old TV in the 50's ....todays news brought to you by EXLAX!

this is a shift in the www marketing paradigm (wohoo..fancy words!)



Bill Burnett (bbur at wrote:
: robin_beech at (Robin Beech) wrote:
: >In article <325A6507.2E86 at>, Dawn Capp
: ><dmc2115 at> wrote:
: >
: >>Capp Scientific offers a free WEB service to research authors who have
: >>difficulty getting their work published in scientific journals.
: >
: >Makes you wonder why it couldn't be published in the first place through
: >peer review.

: And what's in it for Capp Scientific....

: B.

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