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WWWtacg - Restriction Enzyme Analysis via the Web

Paul N Hengen pnh at ncifcrf.gov
Fri Oct 18 13:31:26 EST 1996

Harry Mangalam (mangalam at uci.edu) wrote:

: For those of you who have been requesting a Web-available resource for 
: Restriction Enzyme analysis and mapping, here are the URLs for the WWW 
: interface to 'tacg', my freely available, command-line restriction enzyme 
: analysis tool for unixy systems:
%<----clip here----%<
<etc. etc.>


In the past when you made this program "freely" available to the general
public, I objected to the built-in code that automatically sends information
over the net back to you so you could see what people were using the program
for. Although at that time you didn't make that a secret, I didn't like this
because you could possibly tell what others were analyzing over the net.

Can I ask if the new WWW interface overlay is still hiding this built-in
sniffing feature and if the DNA sequences can be seen from your standpoint?

Personally, I won't use it for this reason. Be warned: If you want to
do your research privately, using this kind of free public software can
possibly display your work for others to look at.

How do other people feel about the privacy issue with respect to clipping
their DNA sequence into an unknown net-bin for analysis?

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