Using ABI 310 in Seattle?

Beth Wapelhorst weazel at
Mon Oct 21 21:10:52 EST 1996

who said anything about sequencing? This is about genotyping with 
microsatellites. thanks anyways!

tyr-2 at (Karl Fischer) writes:

>In article <54gt8g$8dk at>, weazel at (Beth
>Wapelhorst) wrote:

>> Currently, I can do 1600 genotypes a  week (at least) manually.

>Excuse me...did you say "1600" per week? You do 1600 MANUAL sequencing
>reactions/runs a week?

>Fellow scientists - we have a winner in the marathon segment of the
>Scientific Olympics ;-)

>Karl the hepB guy

>Karl Fischer
>tyr-2 at

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