Storage of JM105/JM109

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Tue Oct 22 14:20:16 EST 1996

Greg Davis <gdavis at> wrote:

>Recently we have had problems with E. coli JM105 and JM109 dying at -20
>C in 15% glycerol/LB.  We have never had this problem with NM522 or
>DH5alpha at -20 C.

>Are JM105 and JM109 strains this temperature sensitive?

>We store bacterial, protein, and DNA samples at both -20 C and -80 C. 
>We keep working glycerol cultures in the -20 C fridge and use the -80
>samples for emergency back up.

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>University of Oklahoma
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We store all bacteria and transformed bacteria in 50% glycerol at 
-80  C . Using storage in this manner we have never had a problem with
stocks dying off.

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