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> Ed wrote:
> > I had a little question...I have screened a cDNA library made in Lambda
> > ZAPII, which has self excision of pBluescript when the phage is plated with
> > a certain helper phage (which we conveniently do NOT have >:( ). Now, my
> > question is...since budgetary constraints are a bit of a problem (and
> > getting the kit for excision is a huge waste, since I'll be using it once !)
> > should there not be a way of cutting out the pBluescript out of the
> > lambda phage, and re-circularizing it ?  I mean...from the vector map, it
> A quick glance at the Stratagene catalog informs me that the ExAssist
phage (which 
> I've used with excellent results) are $95.00.  Not much when you
consider the price 
> of many restriction enzymes.  And the phage are stable for years in the
> (the tube I used was over 2 years old and had been purchased by an earlier 
> post-doc), so who's to say you'll only be using it once?

You can also use either R408 or M13K07 phage in XL-1 blue cells too.  They
are usually pretty easy to come by.


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