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>: Hello,
>: I was wondering if anybody could help me with my molecular bioligy 
>: problem. 
>: I am a student carrying out some reaserch into a protien phosphatase. I 
>: am trying to insert my DNA which has been blunted with Klenow into a 
>: vector that hes been cipped with Calf intestinal Phophatase. Upon trying 
>: to religate the DNA with my vector they do not ligate very easily...

switch to SAP ! shrimp alkaline phosphatase is heat labile and much
easier to handle. In my hands CIP always makes problems. I generally 
just add 0.2 ul of SAP to the digest for 30
minutes and, freeze at -70 to inactivate and... presto !

SAP is a USB product, a company that pays me huge amounts of
money to advertise their products on the net. Just that the
checque didn't arrive yet.  


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