High G/C PCR

Alex Chang lpss at unixg.ubc.ca
Fri Oct 25 01:50:12 EST 1996

: can anyone give me some advises for my PCR on a piece of DNA that contains
: about 70% G/C? I have a lot of troubles to make the PCR working.
: thank you very much
: X. Jia,
: Xjia at uci.edu

High G/C? No problem.

Just add 15% glycerol in your PCR master mix, it'll work. I once tried 
everything to amplify a high G/C bacterial DNA, the glycerol worked best.

The theory: glycerol can lower the anealing temperature and makes DNA 
denature easier? 

Alex Chang
University of British Columbia
achang at hivnet.ubc.ca

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