Removal of carbohydrates from DNA preps

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Tue Oct 29 11:20:17 EST 1996

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> Can anyone offer suggestions on how to remove carbohydrates from 
> cyanobacterial genomic DNA preps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Farid Jalali
> Dept. of Botany
> Erindale College
> University of Toronto
> Canada

You could run your DNA on a CsCl gradient or you could try CTAB
extraction. Make your DNA solution .7M Nacl, add 1/10 vol of 10% CTAB, .7M
NaCl, mix, heat at 65°C for 20 min, extract with an equal vol of
chloroform. Collect aqueous phase, carbohydrates should be at the

Hey, hey, hey, hey! It was the DNA.
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