Qiagen: This is ridiculous

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Sep 2 20:36:47 EST 1996

Pekka Rappu TUY wrote:

> I have tried to figure out the reasons for occasional poor or no yields of
> Qiagen gravity-flow based midipreps. I have noticed that the mixing after
> addition of buffer P3 is very important step.
> The second thing is the growth medium.
> Thirdly, I have noticed that the culture should be grown for more than 15
> hours. 
> Maybe this helps somebody, maybe not. It's funny that the people at Qiagen
> have spent months or maybe years in optimizing the kit and then you have to
> do it all over again. 

At the risk of starting a new set of "kit wars", I just am wondering if
this is really worth all the trouble... was the yeild/purity using the
"old" methods really that bad? No offense meant; I really don't know...


Susan Jane Hogarth
Still trying to figure out the *questions*, never mind the *answers*.

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