looking for a method to strip gel plates

Neil Hotchin N.A.Hotchin at bham.ac.uk
Mon Sep 2 13:39:01 EST 1996

In article <gshuh-2708962225540001 at shatz3.lsa.berkeley.edu>,
gshuh at garnet.berkeley.edu (Gene Huh) wrote:

> From previous discussions on this topic here, it was something like 5% KOH
> in methanol.  I tried it and it worked very nicely, which was a good
> thing, since I have come to HATE siliconized plates.  

My previous lab gave up on siliconizing plates and started using Windolene
(window cleaning spray available in the UK - don't know about US) instead.
It seems to work fine, is safe, cheaper and smells good too. 

Neil Hotchin

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