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>>if I was just subcloning or putting it into yeast, I'd stick with
>>The Other Company entirely, because it's cheaper and gives more DNA more 
>... and the other company was ????

Primm Labs' DNA kit.  The maxi-prep kit has given me consistently good 
yields.  The quality is acceptable - I routinely do an ethanol 
precipitation on the final product, both to concentrate it a little bit 
(the final volume otherwise is about 2 ml; that's okay if you're using a 
high-yield plasmid, where you'll end up with around 1 mg, but with a 
low-copy plasmid and particularly the expression vectors I've been using 
you're looking at a total of maybe 250 - 500 ug DNA) and also to clean it 
up a little more.  

I've no doubt there are other kits that are just as good, but Primm labs 
has an arrangement with our Central Stores, so I just have to walk 
downstairs to get new kits.  

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