Baekon-200 electroporator...

Antoinette Sweeney asweeney at SERVER1.RTC-ATHLONE.IE
Tue Sep 3 07:31:43 EST 1996

Has anybody used (or even heard of ) the Beakon 2000 
We obtained one mainly because it could provide a non-contact pulse 
delivery system, which we hoped would minimise cell death in the 
vicinity of the electrodes.
Voltage, # of pulses, burst time, cycles, pulse time and electrode 
distance are the adjustable parameters (its very different to other 
electroporators) ..and while we have extensively tested for optimum 
permeabilizing conditions for both somatic and spermatogonial cells, 
we have had limited success.I would be interested to see if anyone is 
successfullt using this piece of equipment...or even know of any 
publications featuring it.

Many thanks Antoinette Sweeney
Toxicology Unit

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