Qiagen: This is ridiculous

Fraser Dr N J njf16154 at ggr.co.uk
Tue Sep 3 03:22:45 EST 1996

iayork at panix.com (Ian A. York) wrote:

>I've run into one or two cases where
>Qiagen DNA gave good results but the DNA from another company gave a lot
>of dead cells; but I've also used DNA from The Other Company's kits in the
>same transfection protocol successfully. 

>if I was just subcloning or putting it into yeast, I'd stick with
>The Other Company entirely, because it's cheaper and gives more DNA more 
>I should note that there are a handful of restriction enzymes which are
>very picky and which might work better given Qiagen-quality DNA.  For my
>part, I've had no problems with DNA from The Other Company's kit 

... and the other company was ????

(It might be useful to know !) - Neil

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