Electroporation condition for Jurkat cells

carreer r.carreer at eurogentec.be
Tue Sep 3 04:38:15 EST 1996

Conditions :

5 million exponential growing cells 
spin down
resuspend in 250 microliter of culture medium (not DMEM) RPMI is okay
with 10% FCS
place cells in cuvette of 4 mm
Keep on ice

add 20 microgramme of plasmid

Perform Electroporation
250 Volt
Capicity : 1200 microFarad
shunt : infinite
half time : about 45 to 55 mseconds

Place directly electroporated cells in the corresponding culture
medium at 37°C

vnp at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk (Venkat Pisupati) wrote:

>is anyone out there tried electroporating Jurkat cells? 
>If so, can you post the electroporation conditions please. 


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