Qaigen + kits etc

trevor fenning trevor.fenning at
Tue Sep 3 08:19:53 EST 1996

     Well folks,
     we find the Qaigen kits usually work (and with Agrobacterium, which 
     most don't), but if all you want is plasmid miniprep DNA from E. coli 
     why not just do rapid boils on them ?  - Holmes and Quigley (1981), or 
     find the method in Sambrook.  The only catch is the method does not 
     work well with E. coli HB101, but is fine with DH5a lines.
     They honestly don't take much longer, usually work and cost next to 
     nothing.  I have even used them for sequencing without problem, SO, 
     the take home message is only use those blasted kits for things that 
     really need them !
     Trevor Fenning, HRI Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK.
     PS  Why don't Qaigen answer all these queries themselves ?  Don't they 
     read what everyone is saying about them on the Bionet ?!

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