Qiagen refuses to tell!

Keld Sorensen KeldS at uic.edu
Tue Sep 3 03:25:50 EST 1996

[snip - some whining about students using kits and not knowing chemistry]
I seem to remember the same whining when calculators where first
used!!  - I guess I just gave my age away, but WHY is it important
to mix your own reagents ?  - What IS important is that you
understand what the hell you are doing - 
Example: I purchase my coffee already roasted and ground and at
times even brewed.  Would I be a better coffee drinker if I roasted
my own beans, ground them and then brewed my coffee?? I would
say NO not necessarily - I can go to Starbucks and get much better
coffee, because they spend the time to do everything just right!
And yes - I know I do pay for that convenience, but it does not
make me an inferior coffee drinker

/ hope I did not start the kit-wars again /


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