QPCR-Analyse DNA Melting Point Curves?

WSchick at aol.com WSchick at aol.com
Tue Sep 3 22:48:29 EST 1996

The new QPCR Lite cycler with real-time monitoring can produce DNA product
melting point curves for each sample.  

For simple (short length) products, the curve has one inflection point; for
longer products, multiple melting point domains characteristic of the product
appear on the curve.  These curves could identify a product without complex
probe chemistry.

As the raw data is available from the instrument, does anyone know of
software that can analyse (maybe compare to a library) complex curve
patterns?  Maybe IR, HPLC, electrochemical, ?? software has functions that
could be adapted for this?   I don't want to reinvent algorithms or software
that could be modified to identify PCR products by their characteristic
melting point curves.

If you can point me in the right direction,  thanks a whole bunch!

Walt Schick

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