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Tue Sep 3 12:22:52 EST 1996

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->Has anybody used (or even heard of ) the Beakon 2000 
->We obtained one mainly because it could provide a non-contact pulse 
->delivery system, which we hoped would minimise cell death in the 
->vicinity of the electrodes.

How is that? Permeable membrane between sample and electrode?

->Voltage, # of pulses, burst time, cycles, pulse time and electrode 
->distance are the adjustable parameters (its very different to other 
->electroporators) ..and while we have extensively tested for optimum 
->permeabilizing conditions for both somatic and spermatogonial cells, 
->we have had limited success.I would be interested to see if anyone is 
->successfullt using this piece of equipment...or even know of any 
->publications featuring it.

I recall smth about it back to 1990(?). Isn't it the guy that is capable
of AC pulses with a range of frequences? What do you need? 
Permeabilization? If yes, what type of molecules? DNA transfection?
I might help, should you provide, more info on parameters and conditions 
you use. 


- Dima

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