charon 21A sequence

Michael C. Gorry mcgorry at
Wed Sep 4 13:39:02 EST 1996

Our lab is in possession of the individual chromosome library
purchased from the ATCC.  We are interested in
trying upstream amplifications on the material but
have been unable to find the sequence for the charon 21A
carrier. The regions of interest would be around the HindIII site
and the EcoRI site.  There are primers available for the
HindIII and EcoRI sites but we want to make larger and
more stringent primers.
I have been looking around for information, but have only come
up with articles that have used the charon21A for their own
purpose,  no sequence is available.  This question was also
posted about 8 months but no information was posted at that time.

Can you offer any advice?

Thank you for your help.

Michael Gorry
mcgorry at

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