Posttranslational mofification question

scase at scase at
Wed Sep 4 12:30:07 EST 1996

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to determine if there 
are any posttranslational modifications to my protein, HOXB2.  I've produced 
it in the Promega coupled rabbit reticulocyte and also the wheat germ lysates 
and the size I'm getting is 50 kDa instead of the predicted 39 kDa.  I don't 
believe it is glycosylation since that won't occur in the lysates without 
adding microsomal membranes.  How would I test for phosphorylation, 
acetylation, isoprenylation, etc.?  Also, could the modifications add 10-11 
kDa to the size of my protein (a transcription factor)?  Thanks for any help 
you can give me.  E-mail me directly if you wish.


					Scott Case
					scase at

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