dosis-response systems: theoretical models wanted for hormone study

Mathieu Sommers M.G.Sommers at
Wed Sep 4 07:52:21 EST 1996

Hello bionetters,

I'm trying to fit  my experimental data into a theoretical model, so
that I'll be able to draw more conclusions out of my experiments.
Here's the problem: I'm working on a lipid mobilising system, in which
three different hormones, which resemble each other a lot, work
together to enhance a raise in lipid content of the hemolymf, a
substance comparable to blood.
My question is if anyone does have suggestions how I can simulate
mathematically that all three might have their own specific receptor,
but can also bind, with less affinity, to both other receptors, so
that interactions between hormones are possible and might even work
synergistic in the end result.
All responses are welcomed and appreciated. I'd prefer if you'd also
send me an e-mail directly.

M.G.Sommers at
department of experimental zoology
faculty of biology
University of Utrecht

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