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Sam Michaelson sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au
Wed Sep 4 22:39:17 EST 1996

Keld Sorensen <KeldS at uic.edu> wrote:
>[snip - some whining about students using kits and not knowing chemistry]
>I seem to remember the same whining when calculators where first
>used!!  - I guess I just gave my age away, but WHY is it important
>to mix your own reagents ?  

I think there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of the convenience of 
pre-mixed reagents, as this often saves time and reduces potential health 
risks, e.g. with premixed acrylamide (unless you're a PhD student, in 
which case doing everything yourself from scratch seems to be considered 
by supervisors to be a good character-building exercise).  

I think the point is that if you know what is in the reagents, then 
firstly, in an emergency situation, e.g. 
you can, if you have to, make them up yourself.  Secondly, in a situation 
where results are not turning out as expected, then an understanding of 
what's in a kit and how it works means that you are probably more in a 
position to undertake systematic and reasonably intelligent 

Sam Michaelson

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