Help, Interleukine 8 assay

Geun-Woong Noh adelvin at
Thu Sep 5 20:50:28 EST 1996

Christian Schueler wrote:
> Yes, me too would like to know.
> IL-1 is from Histiocytes, IL-6 is for B-cell proliferation, but IL-8?
> > According to my experimental experience, there may be time gap
> > between cytokine mRNA expression and cytokine serum level.
> Sure.
> chris

Hi, Chris.

IL-8 can be produced from activated T cells, LPS-stimulated mononuclear 
phagocytes, fibroblast, epithelial cells and platelets.
I check some cytokines in a certain disease which I have studies for a long 
My meaning of time delay is not a simple sequential time gap.
In A certain disease, cytokine is relased witout mRNA expression.
I suspect several possibilities.
One is the different source of production.
Second is preformed cytokine.
So, I recommand to check cytokine level with mRNA expression, 
Send me mail with any different opinion or additional comment.
Thanck you and Good luck to you.
AV dream from Korea.

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