TUNEL and PI staining - apoptosis vs necrosis

Karen Achanzar apoptose at cortex.ama.ttuhsc.edu
Thu Sep 5 14:20:09 EST 1996

Cell morphology is the only definitive method.
TUNEl assay will tag any broken DNA strand, not only ones
from apoptotic cells.

Look for morphology characteristic of apoptotic cells:
cell condensation
nuclear condensation
increased eosiophilia
ability to exclude vital dye such as trypan blue
some vacuolization

Look for morphology characteristic of necrotic cells:
inability to exclude vital dye
extensive vacuolization
cell swelling
nuclear swelling

Some use EM, but that is overkill.

Claire Payne, and Alison and Sarraf have the best reviews of morphology
(with pictures)  Otherwise I can send examples.

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