Transgenic reporter constructs

Laurentiu COCEA cocea at
Thu Sep 5 08:34:49 EST 1996

Sandra Pena De Ortiz wrote:
> I want to make a construct containing a reporter gene for microinjection
> and production of transgenic mice.  Is there any specification in the
> type of vector I need to to use?  Can I use a linearized plasmid reporter
> construct that I know works in mammalian cells ?
> Sandra Pena de Ortiz
> University of Texas, San Antonio

Hi, Sandra - transgenics made by people in our lab a few years ago had 
a big fragment of a pUC vector left nearby the transgene driven by B 
cell-specific expression control elements and this gene was still very 
well expressed in B cells (and a little bit in T cells, too). 
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