ATCA synchronizes translation?

Thomas Newman 22313tcn at
Fri Sep 6 10:34:48 EST 1996

My understanding of ATCA is that it covalently links to the RNA.  When this
occurs, the RNA is no longer competent for either in vitro translation or
transcription.  Thus you would synchronize translation by elimating the
mRNA pool (and any additional translation) after the initial 3 minutes of
the experiment.  I do not know how quickly the ATCA actually inactivates
the RNA.

Tom Newman

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.960905095737.9213A-100000 at newssun>, Toumy
Guettouche <tguettou at newssun> wrote:

> A protokol in a paper states that aurintricarboxylic acid (ATCA) 
> synchronizes an in vitro translation system (rabbit reticulocyte lysate) 
> if added 3 min after translation initiation by mRNA.
> All I found is that ATCA is a RNase inhibitor.
> It would be highly appreciated if somone could explain how this works.
> Thanks 
> Frank 
> fboellma at

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