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Fri Sep 6 15:10:49 EST 1996

Subject: luciferase
Author:  u.381 at at CCLINK
Date:    9/6/96 2:18 PM

I'd like to use luciferase as reporter gene but we don't have luminometer 
in our lab. Any suggestion for alternative methods or protocols to 
determine luciferase activity or protein will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Jean-Noel Freund
INSERM U381 - Strasbourg - France
u.381 at
        I used to use luciferase to measure [ATP].  We used a scintillation 
     counter as a luminometer.  You just need to turn the coincidence 
     monitor off.  The manual for your scintillation counter or tech 
     services for the manufacturer should be able to tell you how to do 
     John Monahan
     john.monahan at

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