Genomic Library Construction

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Fri Sep 6 12:50:25 EST 1996

I thought there were enough libraries already out there.......

does your supervisor hate you that much to suggest building one from
now...that's what I call character building...



Michael W. Thompson (mthom0 at wrote:
: 	    I wish to construct a human genomic library from EcoRI digested genomic DNA (the 
: fragment I'm looking for is 9.2 kb according to the southern blot) and was wondering if 
: anyone out there had experience with this and could suggest a vector system or strategy.  I 
: considered lambda bluestar (from Novagen), as this vector has EcoRI sites, but they only 
: sell the uncut DNA in 10ug packages (hardly enough from what I understand).  Does 
: anyone out there know of a vector that could be used or an alternative strategy?  Any help 
: would be appreciated

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