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when I was performing PCR on a certain single-copy gene the only way we could
pull out the amplimer was to add DMSO to the PCR reaction. I believe we tried
5-10%. Concentrations of Tween 20 and NP40 also aid in some of the tough PCR
reactions.....sorry the references are long forgotten...someone else may
remember these....they are approx 6-7 years old...



Quicksilver (BECKERR at wrote:
: Dear colleagues,

: we do have problems with genomic PCR in so far as we do not get any 
: amplimer. The primers we are using work very good in RT-PCR and are 
: positioned to target two exons which are seperated by one intron. The 
: expected length of the product should be about 6 to 8 kb. Thus the 
: length should not be a problem for the long range Taq polymerase. We 
: are actually using the Taq Expand from Boehringer. Can anybody give me 
: a hint? Thanks a lot and a nice day to you all.

: Roger

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