Expression vector with lacIq

Scott B. Mulrooney mulrsb at
Sat Sep 7 23:10:10 EST 1996

There is a plasmid that was published in v. 216 of Meth. Enzymol. which
was called pSE420. The paper was by Jurgen Brosius. I have had a little
experience with it and it seemed to work well. There is also another
plasmid I used years ago called pUH7. It has a lacIq cloned onto a
plasmid that is comaptable with pBR type vectors and it has
chloramphenicol resistance - you transform your plasmid and pUH7 into
your cells and grow with two antibiotics in the medium. I don't have any
reference close at hand, but if you are interrested, I will try do dig
it up. I remember that I obtained it from ATCC.

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