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kjpalo at (Kristina Palumba) wrote:

 KP> We are having a big discussion here as to what the proper
 KP> parameters are for autoclaving our pipet tips. I say 15minutes at
 KP> 15psi at 130degrees. Another person in the lab keeps changing the
 KP> settings to 30 minutes at 15 psi at 120 degrees. What is correct
 KP> or what do others use?

We use 15 min. at 121 øC.

Please keep in mind that tips from a good supplier are almost sterile and very
clean as long as one does not touch them with his / her very dirty hands. <g>

Several years ago i used Gilson tips in racks for an endotoxin determination
and i coulds use these tips without any treatment and this test is very very
sensitive to contamination of gram-negative type.

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