RNA extraction from adipose tissue

Edouard Lauzier elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
Mon Sep 9 12:45:04 EST 1996

In my lab we're used  to extract RNA from muscular samples but...

Recently we tried to isolate RNA from adipose tissue samples and we were
not successful at all.  We tried, using the same amount ( mg ) per sample
and even  a little bit more, than with muscle, without any detection of
RNA in the end...

My question is: when you extract RNA from adipose tissue samples, what is
the minimum weight of sample you have to use to get RNA . 

We use the Sacchi (1987) method...

Thanks in advance
Edouard Lauzier, B.Sc.                           elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
Physical Activity Science Laboratory       (418) 656-2131 #2929
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