Sensativity of Nile Blue vs Methylene Blue for DNA?

Bradley Turner bsturner at MBCRR.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Sep 9 12:05:41 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Adkins,

I recently read your Analytical Biochem article (Anal. Bioch. 240, 17-23, 1996
Visualization of DNA in Agarose Gels as Migrating Colored bands..) describing
staining of DNA *DURING* agarose electrophoresis with a number of dyes, esp.
Nile Blue.  I was wondering whether you might know how the sensativity of
your nile blue method compares with the post electrophoresis staining of DNA
using Methylene Blue.

Basically, I am interested in staining and recovering my DNA from agarose
gels without using Ethidium Bromide and UV exposure which might cause
DNA nicking and damage and subsequent decrease in transformation efficiency.
I have been using Methylene Blue staining, but your method seems like it
would be faster since it eliminates the post electrophoersis
staining and destaining required with methylene blue.

Thank you,
Brad Turner

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