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>Feng Lin wrote:
>> I am cloning DNA fragments amplified by PCR with Taq DNA polymerase
>>There are BamHI sites at each 5'end of my primers and three additional
>>bases(GTG or GCC) out of the restriction site as protection bases.The 
>>experiments seem that the PCR products cannot be digested by incubation
>>with BamHI and cloned in pBS/BamHI.Other enzymes sites at PCR
>>primer(eg,PstI)can work well in my lab.The quality of primers may
>>be O.K.But where's the problem?
>> Thank you for your help!

>It seems that BamH1 needs more then 3 bases at each side of the restriction 
>site in order to cut. There are some cataloges which that kind of 
>information is writen. Try to check it. If this is the case you will have to 
>design new primers with longer tails.

No, the table in the NEB catalogue claims BamHI cuts with 97% efficiency
when only 1 base from a HindIII cut and also shows that >90% of a BamHI ds
oligo with a 2 base extension at either end is cut in 2 h.
	We have found bad batches of BamHI that have a markedly reduced
cutting ability so maybe try another lot of enzyme.  Also, BamHI can
be a little fussy over the reaction conditions (although most of the time
the result is star activity rather than lack of activity).  Did you
purify the PCR product at all - maybe the pH is a little too high?
Any chance that you are forming really long tandem repeats during
the ligation that inhibit transformation? (the digestion will leave
phosphorylated ends).

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