[Q] Northern blot with ECL method

In-Geol Choi luke at SBC.KIST.RE.KR
Wed Sep 11 05:22:10 EST 1996

Dear Netters !
 I did northern hybridization with ECL method using E.coli Total RNA, which was
extracted directly  from XL-1-blue host, as control lane.
Using this as negative control, I got a single signal band(little smeared)in my
sample lane. But there was a strong signal in negative control lane(E.coli
rRNA) I guess it is 28S(?) rRNA band position.
If it was non-specific binding, I think the sample lane must has another strong
siganl band like E.coli total RNA.
I use 200bp DNA probe.

Could anyone explain this results ?

Best regards.

Choi, In-Geol
Structural Biology Center, KIST
luke at sbc.kist.re.kr

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