Transfection of HeLa cells

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I can not say which is better because other factors (splice sasette in 
plasmid, 5' and 5' ujntranslated sequences) definately affect 
expression.  We use CMV-based plasmids for expression in HeLa, but our 
transfection comtrol plasmid is SV40 promoter/enhancer B-gal construct.  
I would like to know the answer to your question too.

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On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Agustin Alconada wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>    Does anybody know how the different promoters found in common
> eukaryotic expression vectors compare in terms of expression levels in
> HeLa cells? For example, should I expect higher expression levels of my
> protein if I transfect the HeLa cells with a SV40, a SFFV- or a
> CMV-promoter based vector?
> Thanks

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