Thermal Cyclers

martin LEACH leach at
Thu Sep 12 17:44:49 EST 1996

Depends on your need....

do you want to do 96 well a plate, tubes, slides (in site) etc...
or would like a machine that is upgradable to do any of these in the future...

for basic pcr needs....I enjoy using the robocycler from stratagene (not
affiliated)...although a single block machine will do fine for most need I
like the speed of the robocycler and programmable gradient...for optimising

yeech...i sound like a goddarn rep...



John Korte (kortej at wrote:
: Does anyone have any preferences of the currently available thermal cyclers?  
: Although I've seen this posted before I cannot find the file in the faq's.  
: Please post your responses to the group.
:                           thanks,

:                           John Korte

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