Biotinylated RNA Markers

Donna.Ford at CIBADIAG.COM Donna.Ford at CIBADIAG.COM
Thu Sep 12 19:21:39 EST 1996

      Hey Dan,
      You can buy Century Marker or Millennium Marker Templates from 
      Ambion. They sell these templates but you have to transcribe 
      them yourself (with biotin). The size range is from 100 to 1000 
      bp for the Century markers and from 0.5 to 9 kb for the 
      Millennium Markers. 
      Good Luck. Donna

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Subject: Biotinylated RNA Markers
Author:  dsolaiman at (DSOLAIMAN) at CCLINK
Date:    9/10/96 3:27 PM

Hi netters,

Does anybody know where I can purchase biotinylated RNA markers to use in
Northern blot?


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