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>We make medias and we have a problem with a special one for Campylobacter.
>The atmosphere is microaerophily.
>The problem is that the enterobacteries are also growing on this media.
>To isolate them, we have to find an add to inhibit them with antibiotics (?) or colored them.
>We tried yet different concentrations of D-Glucose plus Red Neutral or Bromothymol Blue it don't give us good results.
>We also tried X-B-D-Galactopyranoside but it's not good because probably of the microaerophily.
>Is there anyone to help us?

 Suggested antibiotic addatives for Campylobacter is:
 All Formulas for 1 liter

   Skirrow:   Trimethoprim lactate    5.0 mg
              Vancomycin             10.0 mg
              Polymyxin B            2500 IU
   Blaser:    add to Skirrow:  
              Amphotericin B          2.0 mg
              Cephalothin            15.0 mg

   Lauwers:  Bacitracin            25,000 IU
             Colistin              10,000 IU
             Cycloheximide           50.0 mg
             Cephazolin              15.0 mg
             Novobiocin               5.0 mg

   All of the above selective addative packages are for media
   used in a clinical environment.  If you are in a research
   environment and are only concerned about specific contaminates
   you may not to use the broad range of the above.

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   We offer a unique product for culturing Campylobacter.

   R.Randolph - rand777 at ids.net

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