IL-1 responsive cell lines

Jean-Francois Larrivee jfl at
Thu Sep 12 12:42:04 EST 1996

On 10 Sep 1996 14:53:54 GMT, Annette Healy <amhealy at> wrote:

>I am looking for cell lines (other than HepG2 and Hep3B) that respond to 
>IL-1 and transfect well.  Any suggestions?  References would be helpful. 
>Please post answers to the group.  Thanks.
I know by experience that IMR-90 cells (a human embryonal lung
fibroblast cell line) are responsive to IL-1 and many other cytokines.
I also know that someone in our lab has transfected them by the
calcium phosphate method and that she used to have about 30%
transfected cells. I can't give you any reference on the transfection
because it has not been published yet. However, there is a reference
for the cell line at ATCC's www page (

Hope this helps


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