in vitro mutagenesis

michelle michelle at
Thu Sep 12 23:02:02 EST 1996

mbwen at (Wen Chang) wrote:
>Dear Netters:
>We have used the Amershan In vitro mutagenesis kit and are not 
>very happy with it (only get 10% efficiency). Strategene has a 
>similar one out and claims good efficiency (of course). Does anyone 
>have good experience with  these commercial kits? Any info. is 

We use the Altered Sites Mutagenesis System from Promega.  Our 
efficiency is very good, I would say >90%.  I currently us their
first version, Altered Sites I, they have since come out with 
Altered Sites II.  The new system makes it easier to do multiple
rounds of mutagenesis.  


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