Silver Staining and BME

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->: > I'm looking for a good solution to an old problem - those nasty
->: > "pseudo-bands" in the 70kDa range which can plague silver-stained
->: > protein gels.  I recently finished off a bottle of 
->etc etc etc
->It may be useful to know that these bands are skin keratins, probably
->derived from contact of fingers with the solutions or glassware.  See
->Ochs, D. (1983) "Protein contaminants of sodium dodecyl
->sulfate-polyacrylamide gels," Analytical Biochemistry 135, 470-474
->Jeff Cohlberg	California State University, Long Beach

Here it goes again! Will the GREAT PUZZLE of MYSTERY BANDS be ever solved?
I vote for keratins, even thought some people swear the bands come from 
[bad] bME (wasn't it even published somewhere?). 

- Dima

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