SV40 enhancer activity

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> My general feeling is that the SV40 enhancer will increase expression of
> 99% of all promoters out there.  Do other folks agree with this? or can
> someone point me to articles or reviews that show promoter elements that
> are nonresponsive to the presence of the SV40 enhancer?
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I can think of one example, both from personal experience and from the
literature.  In a Cell article, Gorman et al. had evidence that the SV40
enhancer actually repressed, rather than enhanced, gene expression in F9
teratocarcinoma cells.  This repression activity went away when F9s were
induced to differentiate via application of retinoic acid.  I think that's
how it went, it's been a while since I wrote my thesis ;)

The reference is: Gorman, C.M., et al. 1985. Negative regulation of viral
enhancers in undifferentiated embryonic stem cells.  Cell 42: 519-526.

Hope this helps.
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