Monocyte adherence to scratched plastic?

Jim Graham graham at
Sat Sep 14 15:03:38 EST 1996

I noticed in digging through numerous publication databases recently
an article which appeared to report that grooved plastic surfaces either 
enhanced differentiation of improve the adherenece of human primary 
monocytes in cell culture. I cannot relocate the article. Anyone seen 
that one or able to report anything similar? Prelimary observations here 
would suggest that precoating with 10% autologous human serum actually 
decreases attachment of this cell type to regular plastic.

I notice that scratches on the surface of regular smooth plastic culture
flask becomes literally "packed" with moncyte-macrophage relative to the 
surrounding areas (and that Costar has a "ribbed" flask called ExCell). 
Anyone using these with this cell type?

Please include a direct copy to me of any replies. Thanks


J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 

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